The Oxlife Independence

The Oxlife Independence


The Oxlife Independence is excellent for travelling due to its operational altitude of 13,123 feet. Unlike other models that top out at 8,000 or 10,000, this portable oxygen concentrator can keep up even up higher and it comes with wheels and a cart handle for easier transportation. The pulse dose setting ranges from one to six LPM. It also has a continuous set of one to three LPM for precision oxygen. The battery keeps both pulse dose mode chugging for up to four hours and up to 1.5 hours operating in the continuous mode.

Weight: 16.7 lbs | Delivery/Flow Type: Continuous and pulse flow | Battery Life: 1.5 hours


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 individual unit
Free Delivery: Price includes standard 28 calendar days sea freight.
Express Delivery: 7 business days express air freight shipping available at an add’l charge.
Payment Terms: Select buyers may qualify for net payment terms. Contact us for additional details.

Product Description

Oxlife Independence For sale, O2 Concepts  all-in-one portable oxygen concentrator offers a sleek design with high-end features at a mid-range price. This provides users with high performance, versatile alternative to traditional portable oxygen concentrators, giving you the independence and quality of life you deserve. Buy Oxlife

The Oxlife Independence portable oxygen concentrator fits easily into a car and is FAA approved for use on aeroplanes. Gone are the days in which portable oxygen patients are not permitted on flights or forced to use large and uncomfortable tanks. Not only is the it small, portable, lightweight (16.7 lbs.) and easy to operate—it is highly mobile thanks to the unique built-in cart with 6” wheels. The integrated DC power supply has an altitude operating range of 13,123 feet.

The Oxlife portable oxygen concentrator was designed to be patient-friendly and uncomplicated, operating similarly to your home oxygen concentrator. The Oxlife Independence is capable of delivering a continuous flow of up to 3 litres per minute and a pulse dose of 0.5 to 5 litres per minute, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. (A pulse dose is the delivery of a burst of oxygen that is prompted when the user takes a breath.)Buy Oxlife

With a uniquely robust magnesium frame/shell case and patent-pending ESA technology, the Oxlife offers a battery duration of up to 5.75 hours at 2 litres per minute. The Oxlife allows you to charge the unit while in use by using the AC/DC and rechargeable batteries and features a battery indicator that lets you know when it is time to charge or change the batteries. With options like this, you can be independent to travel anywhere and participate in all of life’s activities to the fullest each and every day.

Buy Oxlife Independence Oxygen Concentrator

Oxlife Independence is dedicated to quality and the success of oxygen patients worldwide, and it shows in the convenient control panel, the wipe and clean maintenance and the five-year warranty.

The Oxlife Independence Starter Package includes the Independence Unit, two batteries, AC and DC adapters, integrated cart with 6″ wheels, accessory bag, cannula and user manual.