Oncaspar (pegaspargase)

Oncaspar (pegaspargase)

Oncaspar (Pegaspargase) 750 U/ml

Brand: Oncaspar
Known name: Pegaspargase

Therapeutic Indications

Oncaspar is indicated as a component of antineoplastic combination therapy in acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in pediatric patients and adult patients from birth to 18 years of age.

Pegaspargase, which is sold under the brand name Oncaspar, is a drug used in treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. It is often used in combination with anthracycline, vincristine, and prednisone. It is used with injection.

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Oncaspar (Generic Pegaspargase ) is a modified enzyme used as an antineoplastic agent. It is a form of L-asparaginase which has undergone PEGylation

Oncaspar (Pegaspargase) Uses and Indications:

ONCASPAR (pegasapragase) is indicated as a component of multi-agent chemotherapeutic regimen for treatment of patients with:

  • First-line Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)
  • ALL and hypersensitivity to native forms of L-asparaginase.


Common side effects of ONCASPAR (pegasapragase) includes:

Allergic reactions (including anaphylaxis), hyperglycemia, pancreatitis, central nervous system (CNS) thrombosis, coagulopathy, hyperbilirubinemia, and elevated transaminases.


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